Born human, one can transcend a temporary materiality. Centered in my heart and with clarity in my mind I dream of universality transcending ages. I was born in my beloved México City as Rafael  Antonio  Corzo  Brizuela. Through this website I link the bridge between my inter-world that reflect my art to humanity. With genuine love and generous hands, I have prepared drawings, paintings, watercolors, sculptures and ceramic art galleries that intertwine with my writings, statements, and poetry. These activities reflect part of my constellation of interests, and artistic curiosity. I share the past, present, and future of an artistic endeavour. I am totally ambidextrous. I have the ability to draw, paint, and write with my left foot, I write backwards, and I lucid dream. In this moment I am fascinated with astral projections,  remote viewing, and awakening the pineal gland. These activities are ways to access my subconscious and my consciousness with the objective to enhance the way I absorb, live, express art, and for me to become creative consciousness in motion and my art a full representation of itself. I aim to access the spiritual dimension of art and live in "enlightenment" which is a subject I have taken for life as a practice, philosophy, journey, and destiny. We are the universe, let's feel our lives and the cosmos in it; let's set the intention and with absolute unconditional  love  lighten up our lives and we will lighten up the lives of others. 

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